Pregoli Case Study

"With Google’s latest update my online business took a considerable revenue hit. I needed another reliable source for on-going sales. Having run AdWords myself, I knew that there was potential there but was wary of just increasing my budget without a plan. When I started working with Online Asset Partners I was unsure of the level of return that they could provide for my business. The management fees were considerable in relation to my ad budget. Within the first month the campaign was paying for itself, with revenue from ads almost tripling from the same ad spend! This was not a one off as we have achieved even higher revenue since. Having my AdWords professionally managed has been an excellent business decision and I am looking forward to further growth and expansion in 2013."

Project Overview


  • Identify a strategy that could produce sales as soon as practical
  • Develop a staged strategy to align with the client’s cash-flow restrictions to rebuild the client’s online sales and brand presence

Key Facts AdWords Pilot Program

  • 242.8% Increase in Revenue
  • 24.13% Increase in Visits
  • 192.59% Increase in Transactions
  • 16.98% Increase in Average Value
  • 135.72% Increase in Conversion
  • 175.75% Increase in Per Visit


Pregoli’s AdWords program is going from strength to strength and now contributes a considerable and growing percentage of the overall business

The scalable online marketing formula that Pregoli has invested in enables them to safely increase their online investment with secure expectations of return on investment for the future


Our client Pregoli is an up and coming business in the online Maternity category. The business was hit hard by the Google Penguin update in early 2012. Formerly strong organic revenue took a dive and the business was suffering heavily from poor rankings and reduced sales. Disillusioned with their current online supplier, Pregoli engaged Online Asset Partners to help them rebuild their online sales and brand presence


Research was undertaken to determine the best way forward for this high potential but damaged ecommerce business. To date AdWords had been a secondary strategy but with the need for a fast turnaround our team identified it as the only way to get revenue in the door fast before the bigger longer term task of repairing Google rankings took place


Usually the expectation is for an AdWords Pilot to run for a five month period before additional investment or other strategies are considered. The chart below demonstrates the figures attained in month two of the pilot. The opportunity loss was too great so an increase in investment was initiated immediately for the remainder of the pilot


Pregoli is actively evaluating other online marketing services such as Social Media and Email Marketing, so watch out for this growing success story in future case studies


242% Traffic Increase and 192% increase in transactions